Conversion of motor vehicles to run on Alternative Fuels, also called Bi-fuel Conversion Systems.

The trend of installing bi-fuel conversion systems is spreading exponentially, on both cars and trucks. As per STATCAN* more than 10,000 vehicles are converted each year across the country. You are also able to enter this group by selecting one of the options bellow.

Many vehicle owners have already seen that the operating cost of on Alternative Fuels is significantly reduced due to lower cost of fuel. But the advantage of conversion equipment is not limited to the price of fuel, also the physical properties of the Alternative Fuels allow for a great reduction in emissions and increase engine life due to its less intense wear on the engine components.

*Statistics Canada

The advantages of the conversion on alternative fuel

The Alternative fuel is cheaper than gasoline.

While gasoline becomes more expensive, Propane and Methane remains the cheapest fuels and pays back investment in a reasonable time frame .


The positive influence on the engine.

The physical properties of the Alternative Fuels allow for increased engine life due to its reduced wear. The engine operated on Alternative Fuel, becomes safer because the Alternative Fuels do not remove the lubrication from the cylinder wall during combustion. Alternative fuels are the perfect fuels, and installed correctly the Bi-Fuel Conversion System equipment eliminates such a dangerous phenomenon as detonation.

Increased cruising range

Installing a bi-fuel conversion system will  make your vehicle capable of driving both on gasoline and Alternative Fuel and switching from gasoline to Alternative Fuel and vice versa is carried out directly from the interior, at a push of a button. Consequently traveling distance increases, which is an added bonus for those long-distance trips.

Environmentally friendly

Alternative Fuels makes the vehicles environmentally friendly, Alternative Fuels burn cleaner than gasoline or diesel, reducing Carbon emissions and greenhouse gases, therefore by using an Alternative Fuel equipped vehicle you make a positive contribution to the environment of our country.