If you own a hybrid vehicle it doesn’t mean you are driving the most environmentally friendly vehicle out there. The fact is that your vehicle still burns fuel. And Gasoline is not an environmentally friendly fuel. Your vehicle may burn less Gasoline but … it still does. We have designed a specific package for you! Hybrid Propane is the only tri-fuel system. We can convert the engine in your vehicle to run on Propane in a little as a day and help cut your carbon emissions by as much as 40% more, and 90% of any other Greenhouse Gas emissions. And if the Carbon/GHG footprint is not enough for you, then consider the fact that the Propane is 40-50% cheaper than gasoline.

You will have a truly revolutionary vehicle and will cost literally pennies to drive it. It will run on Propane, Gasoline or electricity as needed or available. Also our package will include the installation of our reducer-preheater, that will engage the Propane system immediately to ensure your savings are maximized and emissions are cut to a minimum.