Virtually any vehicle that runs on gasoline can be converted, or even Hybrid vehicles; Brand new or existing vehicles can run on Propane. There are no internal engine modifications to be made, we add a secondary fuel system. It will not void your warranty, our equipment comes with the best warranty on the market 5year/100K


How it works

The operation of the conversion system is similar  to the principle of the gasoline fuel system. As with any injection system, fuel is fed into the intake manifold through the nozzle under pressure. Liquid Gas fuel stored in the tank initially pressurized will travel to a gas reducer, which lowers the pressure to the desired level before entering the engine.

The components of LPG equipment:

    * Propane tank  * Fuel line * ECU  * Reducer * Wiring harness *  Injectors *


 The operation of LPG equipment

From the high pressure tank(1) propane travels through the fuels lines to the reducer-evaporator (4), where the pressure is reduced to 1 atmosphere, then fuel is fed into the engine combustion chamber through the propane injector (6). The fuel for each cylinder is fed through a single injector. Thus, in the four-cylinder engine there are four propane injectors, and in an cylinder engine 8 injectors.


The entire system is controlled by a computer control unit (3). The LPG* system uses an electronic control unit, which reads the timing signal of the gasoline injectors from the control unit of the gasoline system and determines the optimum opening time of gas injectors. The LPG system control unit allows you to switch the signal from gasoline to LPG injectors, blocking the flow of gasoline. In the passenger compartment is installed a touch button switch. At any time, on the go, and at idle, you can switch from gasoline to LPG and vice versa.

*LPG - Liquid Propane



Carbon emissions are up to 60% lower compared to gasoline. There are up to 96 % fewer harmful green house gas emissions from alternative fuels compared to traditional fuels.


LPG and CNG are some of the safest fuels in the world.The alternative fuels will not ignite inside the tank. Only vapor may ignite but it must have a proper ignition source as well as proper air to fuel ratio.


Price - 50% cheaper than gasoline, CNG 70% cheaper. LPG and CNG pricing was steady nationwide over last 5 years, where price of gasoline varies.


Propane is readily available at many stations across the country, unfortunately CNG not readily available.
Increased autonomy

Increased autonomy

Vehicle at this point will be considered "bi-fuel“ Will give the opportunity to drive the vehicle twice as far, before refueling. Fully automated switching from one fuel to another at a press of a button.
Engine friendly

Engine friendly

Since the alternative fuel is not a liquid or solvent it will not remove the lubrication from the cylinders, so the engine will have improved life and less frequent oil changes will be required.

POWEREVO’S system benefits compared to other brands


Our reducers are stable in all operating conditions of the engine: for small, medium and maximum loads. All of our systems are equipped with the patented vacuum pressure control system, which allows for stable operation even in the most hostile weather conditions. Continue to operate perfectly even at temperatures below -40 ° C, unlike the other manufacturers.

Availability and maintainability are also undeniable advantages over other brands. Every stage of production is strictly controlled for compliance with all applicable standards. Each component is tested with inert gas, which prevents the slightest leakage of fuel during the operation in the vehicle.

It should be noted that all PowerEVO equipment is manufactured exclusively in European Union.


The most popular among the many electronics manufacturers of LPG equipment is our high-speed injectors, which provide precise metering of gas over an extended period of operation. Only OUR equipment can meet the requirements of even the most sophisticated customers while having a low cost. Stable minimum injection time of the injector is provided. Our injectors have a unique configuration that allows installation in different positions.
The world appreciates the high quality and relatively low cost of our injectors spare parts. Maintainability is also an advantage of our injectors: there is no need to change the entire fuel rail, only the faulty part. From most other manufacturers you have to change the entire injector rail, which will increase the cost of servicing your equipment.

The ECU (electronic control unit) Best warranty on the market.

Our ECU’s works perfectly on modern cars because of the huge number of different strategies, including auto-adaptation, based on a system of OBD on-board diagnostic. Quality and reliability is confirmed by the warranty - 5 years, or 100,000 km warranty, rarely a manufacturer could afford.

All settings are made automatically, leading to a minimum interference with the setting by the user or installer.