Mitsubishi now offers

Mitsubishi now offers brand new Colts optionally equipped with STAG autogas fuel systems, made by the company AC.


The LPG Colt is a limited edition model. It is offered solely as a five-door hatchback with a 1,3 l, 95 HP engine, with two trim levels to choose from – Invite and Elegance. The prices are 45580 and 49270 zlotys, respectively, which equals to 11063-11959 euros at current exchange rates.

The cars are converted using STAG 300 Premium ECU’s, AC R01 reducers and AC W01 injector rails. Autogas is stored in a toroidal tank mounted in the spare wheel well, underneath the boot floor. The tank has gross capacity of 42 l, which means it can hold approximately 34 l of fuel.

Mitsubishi Colt Elegance 2012
© MitsubishiColt Elegance is now available
with a STAG autogas system and has been attractively priced

Mitsubishi and AC offer the same warranty conditions on the LPG systems as on entire vehicles – 3 years with a 100 thousand km mileage limit. Any glitches that may occur to the autogas hardware will be removed free of charge by AC. The only condition is to bring the car for maintenance every 15 thousand km to any one of 54 AC Approved Service Partners or other appointed places all over Poland, such as the 67 recommended installers network.

Colts will be initially converted at AC’s Approved Service Partners, but should need arise, Mitsubishi’s service stations personnel may be trained to fit and maintain STAG autogas systems on their own. Until then, the systems will be maintained by AC’s technical and marketing advisors during the cars’ regular annual maintenance.