$100 for Referrals*

Limited Time Opportunity to earn some cash:

 We are currently offering a $100 Cash per vehicle  for every successful referral, where an individual or a business will convert their vehicle(s) to run on alternative fuel. So if you refer to us a company that will convert 10 vehicles you will earn $1000 CAD. Please see conditions bellow*

It is a win-win-win offer, as you will earn some cash, the client will save up 70% on fuel,  and also we will save the environment, because the Alternative fuels are eco-friendly and emit less Carbon and Green-house gases. Don't forget to check out our detailed information pages at: www.powerevo.ca/how-it-works

Please click here to fill out the form and provide us the details of your referral, or email us at: referrals@powerevo.ca


*This is a limited time offer, and PowerEVO Inc reserves the right to cancel or change the referral program as they see fit without prior notice. PowerEVO will pay a successful referral fee after the client pays for the conversion, and only to the referring person directly. It is the responsibility of the referring person to ensure they provide us with their up-to-date information, as well as the best information possible of the referral. PowerEVO will make 3 attempts to contact the referral and close a deal, if unsuccessful a referral fee will NOT be paid and case will be closed. If referral is successful we will contact the referring person to pick up the cheque, which will be handed in person with proof of id. PowerEVO reserves the right to publish the names and pictures of the referrals on its social media outlets. All vehicles converted to Alternative fuels will bear a logo on the rear and/or side of vehicle with the information of our company.